We have extensive experience on protection of literary and artistic works of composers of music and film, authors of books and computer programmers under copyright. We also assist publishers of books, producers of music, dancers, performers and broadcasting organisations to protect their creations under related rights. We offer advice on copyright ownership and piracy.

Examples of works that RFIP will assist you to protect:

  • Books, pamphlets and other writings;
  • Lectures, addresses, sermons;
  • Dramatic or dramatically-musical works;
  • Choreographic works and entertainments in dumb show;
  • Musical compositions with or without words;
  • Cinematographic works to which are assimilated works expressed by a process analogous to cinematography;
  • Works of drawing, painting, architecture, sculpture, engraving and lithography;
  • Photographic works, to which are assimilated works expressed by a process analogous to photography;
  • Works of applied art; illustrations, maps, plans, sketches and three dimensional works relative to geography, topography, architecture or science;
  • "Translations, adaptations, arrangements of music and other alterations of a literary or artistic work, which are to be protected as original works without prejudice to the copyright in the original work."
  • "Collections of literary or artistic works such as encyclopaedias and anthologies which, by reason of the selection and arrangement of their contents, constitute intellectual creations, are to be protected as such, without prejudice to the copyright in each of the works forming part of such collections.

Other services offered under copyright protection are:

  • Litigation support services for prosecution of copyright infringements;
  • Copyright audit and valuation;
  • Management and monitoring of copyrights to avoid infringement (for musicians and artists in the mainstream media);

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