What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property (IP) is ideas, designs, and creative works and represents the legal rights of their rightful owner.


The Mission

To provide comprehensive intellectual property registration, management and technical consulting services for sustainable economic growth.

Partner with Us

Our Technical Team

Our Intellectual Property technical and legal expert enables our team to offer diverse IP services to customers in various industries.


We provide agency services for registration and protection logos

We provide agency services for registration and protection logos, symbols, signs and trade names to our clients in the manufacturing, IT, distribution, transport, entertainment, sports and media industries. We employ the following steps:

  • Provide trademark search report with our technical expert’s analysis about probabilities;
  • File and process the trademark application before the Trademark Office, and
  • Obtain and forward the registration certificate to the client’ address.

In addition, we offer comprehensive services such as design or logo creation, online tracking of the registration process, legal support in case of objections, trademark watch service, trademark transfers or licensing and reminder of relevant dates including renewal.


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